What Is Tantra?


Many of us wander this world searching for enlightenment, advice, and friendship that can help us make sense of concepts we are aware of but may not be fully educated on.

We looked around online to find advice and community, and mostly found bad websites, with basic, uneducated and inauthentic content designed to act as click bait and nothing else. We were fed up of reading "top 10 tips for tantric sex in your love life" style articles which miss the whole point of the tantric lifestyle.

So, we setup What Is Tantra to help people find what they need when thinking about all aspects of spirituality to do with tantra, the tantric path and tantric sexuality.

Coming from two very different paths, but merging on our journey together, we felt that through our own experiences and knowledge, we could start a resource and a community to help spread the word about the wonders of tantra and the benefits of tantric sex for all.

One of us is younger but very experienced in tantra and tantric sex. With years of living in India, Thailand and other places learning the theory and practice. She is his Dakini. She is Shivapriya, the beloved of Shiva.

One of us is older, but very much a novice. Inquisitive about spirituality for many years but only recently setting that first foot down on the path. He is  her Chela. He is Shambu Baba, the father who brings happiness.

We come together, enjoying the experiences we now share as a couple, whilst continuing to challenge and educate each other daily. Searching for Ananda, ultimate bliss and enlightenment.

It is our hope that we can help you find your own path on your journey, and make friends along the way.

Om Namah Shivaya