Tantric Sex Toys for Men and Women

We know that the tantric path is a spiritual journey - but we also appreciate that sex is a core part of that journey and that to. be truly tantric is to embrace pleasure in all forms and submit yourself.

In that, we recommend the following products as being beneficial to a tantric sex practice for both men and women and hope you enjoy.


Love Honey “Get Hard” Stretchy Silicon Cock Ring Set of 3

Lovehoney Get Hard Stretchy Silicone Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)

We know that lasting longer is a key thing in tantric sex, and that learning how to do this is a core skill every tantric man needs to learn constantly on their journey. We also know that women obviously love it the longer a man can last and the harder the man can be.

But let’s be honest - as men we can’t always do exactly what we want. These three cockrings from Love Honey can be used individually, or as a set of three to encase the whole cock and balls area.

They’re soft, stretchy, and keep you hard even if you do reach the point of no return and want to keep going.
We highly recommend these.

Buy direct from Love Honey here on this link.

Fifty Shades of Grey Again and Again Adjustable Cock Ring

Love Honey 50 Shades of Grey Adjustable cock ring

We’re not into BDSM - you might be, but not us. We love sex for sure. However, just because this is branded “50 Shades Of Grey” don’t let that put you off. This is an amazing adjustable cock ring which, as man, you can have as tight or loose as you feel you need at the time. It’s great for maintaining during long tantric sex session and I would say also have some delaying effect as well. Well worth investing in.

Buy it direct from Love Honey on this link.


Liberator “Escape” Sex Pad Furniture

Liberator Escape

We love the Liberator Escape pad. It’s really more of a lovely soft padded cushion which also just happens to be moisture proof - should the Amrita start to flow.

A great introduction to furniture and toys specifically for sex, and perfect for tantric sex positions like Yab Yum or reclined Yab Yum.

Buy it direct from Liberator on this link.


Liberator Esse Tantric Sex Chair

Liberator Esse

This is an amazing sex chair specifically designed for Tantric practice. Specifically designed to promote deep penetration, amazing thrusting and support for both bodies. Highly recommended and just perfect for long sessions of tantric sex.

Buy it direct from Liberator on this link.


Liberator Esse II Tantric Sex Chair

Liberator Esse Chaise II

The follow up to the Esse is even more perfect for the tantric sex couple. More expensive, but with good reason, if you’re looking to upgrade or just want to invest in the best, this is perfect. Designed for prolonged session with deep penetrative thrusting and all positions.

Buy it here on our link directly to Liberator.