Amrita: The Nectar of the Goddess, or How To Gush, Squirt, or Achieve Female Ejaculation Through Tantric Sex

What is Amrita?

In non-tantric, pornographic circles, the topic of female ejaculation, or as they call it in those areas, “squirting”, has become extremely popular of late with porn stars ejecting vast streams of liquid from their genitals at all sorts of times.

It doesn’t need to be said that this is not representative of how a true goddess experiences female ejaculation, the production of sometimes large amounts of liquid from her yoni during tantric sex and prolonged orgasmic states of bliss.

In porn, this squirting is often akin to a male traditional orgasm where the liquid is ejected in one sharp burst. In tantric terms, and with the phrase we personally prefer more of ‘gushing’, the liquid the woman produces comes in prolonged waves of release and while there can be large amounts of it, and some of it can squirt to a degree, often it is released from a variety of places in and around the yoni in large quantities, hence, it gushes forth during ecstasy.

The liquid that a woman produces during her orgasms, which comes forth in bountiful amounts, is known in tantric sex as Amrita. Amrita is a Sanskrit word which means “Divine Nectar” and is believed to be one of the most powerful, magical substances on earth. The fact that a woman produces it during the moments when she is most in tune with the universe, as close to the divine Shiva-Shakti as she can be, is proof of this.

So, in tantra, the goal is not to get your woman, or indeed get yourself, to gush for the sake of some petty pornographic cheap thrill, but to experience it as part of the tantric sex practice and revel in the power and pleasure that it brings forth.

Being Able To Gush

For many women, the idea of having a female ejaculation, or gushing, during sex is a difficult one to process as they have been raised in society to find that unusual, or something only men do. This is far from the truth, but still exists. As such, many women have to work on themselves to let go their inhibitions and get to a state of mind where they are willing to embrace their ultimate femininity and be able to release the Amrita when the time is right for them. Some women report that this can feel like they want to pee during a state of extreme sexual arousal, and other just experience it as something that happens when a woman achieves different stages of excitement and orgasm. Nearly all men will, I am sure, report that when their woman is extremely aroused and orgasms, particularly multiple times, she gets extremely wet and at the point of orgasm itself liquid will come forth in large quantities. This is Amrita and your woman is gushing, whether she knows it or not.

Yoni Massage To Focus On Amrita, Squirting and Gushing

One of the most reliable ways to get a woman to experience gushing is to carry out a prolonged, tantric yoni massage on her vagina (and also her entire body) which will result in multiple orgasms for her. The technique to doing this involves long periods of raising your woman to a near orgasmic state and then backing off so that she rides the waves of ecstasy but does not actually come. In doing this edging process, taking her to the edge and back constantly, you will build up enormous amounts of sexual energy within her and she will, once the orgasms begin, experience wave after wave of multiple orgasms.

There are several methods to focus on, all which need concentration, giving, and sensual, sensitive yet firm massage from you with all of your Shiva energy to celebrate her Shakti power. These include, but are not limited to, things such as…


Creating a positive environment

Not one of us can just turn on sexual excitement at the drop of a hat - and women in particular are less able to do this than men in many ways. So, set a scene, get your environment ready first in a way that will be both comfortable to you both, but erotic and exciting as well.

From a personal point of view, as this could be challenging for the woman involve, both of you need to be able to start from a place of exploration with an open mind. If you’ve never experienced this before, don’t expect it to happen first time, but just go with the flow and be in the moment.

For the woman, lie down on your back in a comfortable place with a pillow under your hips to raise them up slightly. Keep your knees up, and plant your feet firmly on the ground to root yourself into the earth. This kind of massage, like many others, needs lubrication - but obviously it has to be something that is suitable for us . in and around the yoni. We prefer a good quality coconut oil ourselves.

Work with your breathing

Men and women need to work clearly with their breath during tantric sex, just as you do during yoga. It helps to focus the mind, make it clear to ourselves that we are shutting out the outside world and worries, so we can be mindful of the here and now. In the case of yoni massage for female ejaculation, it clears out random racing thoughts and focuses on the pleasure, ecstasy and the body.

Deep inhalations through the nose, pause, and out through the nose. Pause. Ground yourself. Focus on your body and who you are. These kind of breathing exercises help focus your energy on your chakras, and in turn, on the yoni to guide energy in and around that space.

Take time to warm up

As with any kind of exercise, a good warm up counts for a lot. So, with Tantric Yoni massage (and probably any kind of sex involving the vagina) warming up to things is essential. In fact, you should not even consider entering the yoni with anything until you are invited into it by the woman, and that means when she is totally ready for this and fully open and wet.

While clitorial stimuation is excellent for sexual stimulation, with tantric massage and yoni massage a full body experience is what we are after, so don’t concentrate on just the vulva. Caress the arms, legs, torso, and definitely don’t forget the breasts. Even the face, in gentle but firm strokes, and head, can be part of the practice. The aim is to be slow, relaxed, sensual and in the moment with a full body sensation.

Use plenty of oil, like the coconut oil we mentioned above, to massage around the belly, abdomen, rib cage, breasts. These areas all have lots of nerve endings in them so make for amazing touch sensations.

As the body begins to respond start to circle the breast more, teasing but not touching the nipples and alternate between light, medium and harder strokes as she wishes.

Clitoral Yoni Massage

Once she is ready and inviting you to the yoni, worship it and treat it with the divine respect that it deserves. Begin by circling around the vulva, and begin to. pay attention to the clitoris. Vary from small circles with the tip of your finger, to larger circles with the whole of your hand and palm. Light, medium, heavy strokes.

Push and pull on the clitoris and the clitoral hood. Some women like one thing, others like another. Pay attention to what is working and adjust accordingly. Some like pressure above the clit. Some like it on it itself. Other’s below the clit. Just be aware and learn.

Vary clitoral strokes also from side to side, or up and down. Use one finger. Use several. Do it fast, do it slow. Just make sure there is plenty of oil and she is as wet as needs to be. By now she probably will be!

Tapping can also work, but very gently as in an extremely light spanking. And probably not too much. Again, see what works for her.

G-Spot Yoni Massage

When the time is right, enter your woman with one, and then two, fingers and curve them around like the letter C towards to front wall of the vagina. Here you will find the G-Spot, a soft, fleshy ridged part of the vagina. Massage gentle but firmly here in circular strokes, back and forth strokes, and varying the pressure you apply inside. You can at the same time use the palm of your hand stimulate the clitoris also.

Move you fingers in and out in firm strokes varying the depth and pressure. Your woman will give you plenty of signs what you are doing right.

In this position, with plenty of warm up and careful, attentive technique, you should begin to give your partner orgasms. She most likely will not gush the first time you begin, or if it’s her first ever session attempting to do so. But as long as you are both comfortable, keep going and enjoy.

Some women like a little pressure on their lower belly, just above the public bone, when being stimulated like this which can give them more of a feeling they want to pee and help them to gush. As with everything pay attention to your partner and be gentle in a masculine attentive way.

Keep her on the edge

The aim is to ensure your woman rides the ecstatic waves of pleasure around the orgasm point, occasionally dipping into an actual orgasm itself. By edging her in this way, and keeping her at peak arousal, she will eventually begin to have orgasm after orgasm, gradually with them increasing as they progress. When she begins to be truly in the moment, completely at the will of the pleasure and tantric massage producing orgasms within her, she may naturally start to gush and squirt more and more.

If it doesn’t work don’t worry

Not every woman will do this. We are all different. But many women we know of have and can. Shivapriya has offered many women herself to perform a yoni massage on them and help them.

Take your time, enjoy what you are doing (how could you not?!) and learn as you go. Life is a journey and we learn along the entire path.

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