There are (At LEast!) eight types of female orgasm. Yes. Eight!


In a world where Cosmopolitan magazine has consistently, for like the last several decades, spoken almost exclusively about the clitoral orgasm for women, it’s often the case that many women do not know enough about their own bodies and what they are capable of when it comes to achieving orgasm.

But the truth, that whilst a clitoral orgasm is definitely up there in terms of enjoyment and what a lot of women regularly do, particularly when by themselves. But, it’s only one of EIGHT different types of female orgasm that exist.

Yes, you read right - there are in fact eight different ways a woman can orgasm and all of them offer different levels of enjoyment and pleasure.

Incidentally, there are also multiple ways men can orgasm also, but we’ll save that for a later post.

So, shall we take a look at them?

First of all, let’s be clear that like anything to do with your body and sexuality, all woman are different, just as all men are different too. Every woman’s yoni is as different as her DNA. So whilst there are eight different types of female orgasm, the experience you have as a woman may vary from on person to the next. These are therefore just suggestions of what is possible and if you can or can’t achieve a certain type that doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong - just that it isn’t right for you.

If you experience an orgasm on a different part of your body, we encourage you to keep tapping into that sweet spot. At the end of the day, all orgasms, no matter how you savour them, are a chance to explore your body. So here we go … or here we cum?

First of all, this might seem hard to believe for the 10-20% of women who have, sadly, never experienced even one orgasm. Doubtless, there are many reasons for this depressing statistic: the ongoing repression of women, the colonisation of our bodies, the increasing quest for bodily perfection and, simply, the fact that many women just do not know what their own, incredible bodies are capable of.

In fact, the female orgasm is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, the force that tantric sexual practice leverages to achieve transcendence and bliss. In tantra, everything starts with the female orgasm, it is the primordial force that awakens the shakti or kundalini energy that is latent in the muladhara chakra in the base of the spine. Once this energy begins to awaken and manifest, it can be manipulated and moved, through a process of breathwork and sublimation, taking the practitioners into a place of ecstasy.

1. Vaginal entrance

The vaginal entrance is at the location of the muladhara chakra, the root chakra which represents the earth element. It is no coincidence that at the position of our root chakra, which is located around the area of the perineum, is the part the is most closely connected to the earth when we sit down. Although many women will have experienced the pleasure of being entered, they may not realise that they can orgasm from this place alone. It is the earthy orgasm that is enjoyed by women who enjoy heavier, solid sexual energy.

2. Clitoral Orgasm

The 1970s has a lot to answer for when it comes to clitoral orgasm. Specifically, The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm, by Anne Koedt. The ‘discovery’ of the clitoris allegedly empowered women to appreciate and experience orgasm. However, in tantric terms the clitoris is the equivalent of a male orgasm, Energetic, exhausting, strength sapping, it is a rush of intense sexual climax but offers nothing of the deeper more earthy orgasms available elsewhere. Have it in your tool box for sure, but don’t stop here once you find it.

3. G Spot orgasm

There is more awareness about the elusive G Spot orgasm, although not every man or woman knows where to locate it. The G Spot can be found on the top inside-wall of the vagina about a fingers depth inside. A soft, fleshy and spongy area, it becomes engorged during sex, similar to how the clitoris swells, or the lingam, and as a result becomes more sensitive to touch. Similar in some ways to the male prostate, the g-spot is one of the keys to allowing yourself to gush, or squirt, or experience female ejaculation. No, it’s not wee! As with all of the other types we will go into more detail in other posts but, for now, as a rough guide, if you have trouble finding it, try a couple of pillows under your bum to lift your angle up. It might just do the trick.

4. A spot orgasm

Much less well known than the G spot orgasm is the ‘A spot’. And, no, A in this case doesn’t stand for Anal - although that is another type and is coming later. No, A stands for Anterior Fornix. It’s found deep inside the vagina between the bladder and the cervix and can provide extremely deep intense orgasms. A good rule of ‘thumb’ is to find the g-spot and then go a few inches deeper into the vagina. So it’s perfect for a penis as oppose to fingers. How to get it during penetration? Try doggy style. It was almost designed for it!

5. Urethral orgasm

This comes from the same place as wee, which obviously is inside the genital area, so should be easy for you to find, although you may not have thought of it in this way before. The ‘U-spot’ as some people call it (does the entire female orgasm system have to have ‘spot’ in it?) it’s a small area of extremely sensitive tissue all around the urethral opening where you wee from. Gently caressing the area with a finger, dildo, tongue, cock, whatever you like, similar to how you might treat your clit, can bring on amazing results.

6. Cervical orgasm

Possibly the queen of all orgasms, the cervical orgasm is very much a whole body, muscle shaking, back arching deep orgasm that you’ve been dreaming of. Being the reflexology point that represents the heart, a cervical orgasm brings on deep intense feeling of love, connectedness and, in very tantric terms, transcendence which will give you long lasting orgasms where you can keep going for as long as you want unlike with with the clitoris which is a short, sharp explosion of pleasure. The best way to achieve this type is with a partner and their cock, or a long dildo if by yourself.

7. Nipple orgasm

Elusive but powerful, a nipple orgasm isn’t something every woman can achieve - but if you can, and you should definitely experiment to see, it’s yet another way to bring ecstasy to your body. The secret with your nipples is to start slowly and gradually build up. Don’t be shy from . using lubricant, toys or anything else you have to hand. With your partner, treat this as a long but worthwhile experiment. It will probably take a long time - but it’s worth it! Practice, practice, practice.

8. Anal Orgasm

Many people are uncomfortable with the idea of anal sex for a wide variety of reasons. And while that’s fine, and it’s entirely up to you as an individual, we can’t exclude it from this list. Anal orgasms are real (for men and women!). Some believe an anal orgasm is due to indirect stimulation of the woman’s g-spot. Either way, the anus is full of nerve endings and being penetrated in this area is something quite special if you can get into it. The end result is an orgasm unlike any other and one well worth investigating.


That’s more than you thought right? Well, go explore!

Have you managed to achieve one of the eight different types of orgasm, in a tantric sexual situation or not? We’d love to hear about your experiences below.

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