Amrita: The Nectar of the Goddess, or How To Gush, Squirt, or Achieve Female Ejaculation Through Tantric Sex

One of the most reliable ways to get a woman to experience gushing is to carry out a prolonged, tantric yoni massage on her vagina (and also her entire body) which will result in multiple orgasms for her. The technique to doing this involves long periods of raising your woman to a near orgasmic state and then backing off so that she rides the waves of ecstasy but does not actually come.

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Tantric Male Masturbation Observations

Often when men masturbate it’s a race to the finish line for an ejaculatory orgasm. But with tantric masturabation, one can learn to use energy to experience pleasure greater than anything experienced before - and also learn how to use skills during intercourse for prolonged experience and pleasure.

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To coincide with the launch of the website where we will post our blogs, thoughts and findings about tantra and tantric sex, we have also created a Facebook group where we hope to build a community and have active discussions.

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Shambu Baba
What is tantric sex?

There is a lot of information out there on the internet, but most of it tends to be inadequate, missing the point or brazenly trying to sell ‘services’ such as tantric massage. It is hard to come by information about tantra, which is no surprise given its origins as a mystical practice, it’s holy texts written in code, so as to only be deciphered by the initiated.

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Discovering Tantra Later In Life

I’d always been interested in spiritual things. I’d never really known where to look, but it was always on the edge of my mind, a thing I felt I wanted to look at some day and find out about. As a teenager, I’d been entranced by the idea of an after-life. I’d read books and books about astrology, and signs, and ghosts, and ‘metaphysics’ - none of which I can really remember any more. A never ending itch I couldn’t scratch and didn’t know how to even if I could locate it.

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