Book Review

Ancient Secrets for Modern Lovers

By Felice Dunas with Philip Goldberg

A book that my partner, Shivapriya, already had in her collection, Ancient Secrets for Modern Lovers was one of the first she recommended I read in order to learn more about Tantra, Tantric Sex and how to be a better lover in general.

Now when I started this book, which is written by Felice Dunas and is promoted on its back cover by none other than Deepak Chopra, I had read very little about tantric sex except skimming the odd book (we have quite a few in our house) and reading a lot of blog posts and listening to some podcasts.

This then is the first book I have read on tantric sex cover to cover so it’s given me a lot of insight into things which as a beginner I may have heard of but was not fully aware of or, as the saying goes, had a little knowledge and that’s a bad thing.

Felice covers a wide range of subjects which are all focused on helping you, be it man or woman, to become a better lover to the benefit of yourself and your partner(s). But the self aspect is important to remember because it helps with a couple of things:

  1. If you don’t know what your own body enjoys and likes how are you going to be able to relax around someone else and get them to understand with you.

  2. Self Love is an important part of learning and a key skill in getting used to your new raised and enhanced sexuality.

  3. A key problem many people have when engaging in any kind of sex with a partner, tantric or otherwise, is worrying all the time how they are performing for the other persons pleasure creating anxiety. If we can learn to worry less about that and just enjoy what we do and relax into it everyone will have a better time.

So, with very little knowledge in mind I began this book to learn what these ancient secrets are.

This text focuses a lot in Chinese tantric teachings and in particular the Tao way of things. It talks about Chi as a universal energy controlled by Yin and Yang. This is as opposed to the Hindu way of thinking which Shivapriya is more aligned to as as worshipper of Shiva where Prana is the energy and Shiva and Shakti represent the male and female - not Yin and Yang. However, from what I can understand the core principles are the same. Just from a different perspective. For me, the lessons in the book about energy basics was very useful and I found it a great read.

The book also covers other areas such as:

  • Sexual positions for men and women which are good for different situations as well as different body types.

  • Tips on how to prolong things in bed and not suffer from premature ejaculation (PE)

  • Masturbation techniques

  • The Golden Circle basics

and many other topics.

As a beginner in this field of tantra and tantric sex, still working out my path and where it’s going to take me, I have found this book an excellent read and would highly recommend it to anyone looking out for a first step on the road to understanding tantric sex more.

I give it 4 stars out of 5